Escriptor ex Machina: or, What Is Ghostwriting?

Your Voice, Your Book Aligns an Old Skill with the Modern Mind.


Machisma: Uncovered

The upstairs gallery of Corvidae Collective steamed on the opening night of Nina Covington’s solo show Machisma. Nina’s high-mercury laugh echoed above the crowd though she could not be seen through the throng milling about to peer closer at her work. At that moment, both factions were entirely in their right. The work deserves close… Continue reading Machisma: Uncovered

Nashville: A Lovesong

We arrive raw and bare, scraped open to the world hilled above the twisting Cumberland, wide-eyed under the neon haze of Broadway.  We arrive full of hope, believing that, as Waylon Jennings crooned in his last recording, “dreams can come true.”  We arrive because this is Nashville—which will swaddle us in its inimitable southern hospitality… Continue reading Nashville: A Lovesong

Four to Thirty Three

I was born (don’t worry; this isn’t one of those stories) four days before my mother’s thirty-third birthday.  I can see it now:             She had traded her shoulder-length, dark hair, meticulously straightened and then swooped in a exaggerated curl fashioned with a heated tin can for the easier to manage, short and naturally curly… Continue reading Four to Thirty Three