The Curious Art of the Resolution

If small, process-oriented goals are set, achieved, and rewarded, achieving larger goals is inevitable.


Reclaiming Your Time: 3 Easy Tips for Improving Focus and Flow

To produce at optimal levels, you need to work with full concentration on a single task for extended periods free from distraction.   We've Moved! Find the rest of the article at the new A Better Way.

Not Lost, Never Found: Chasing Annie Dillard to Tinker Creek and Beyond

I was chasing Annie Dillard. Or at least the spirit she left behind looking for Meaning and Purpose in the susurrus of the creek. Perhaps if I listened among the winding thrushes it would still whisper the selfsame secrets in the hush.

Road Revelations, Part 2: So Much Depends On How Near You Sleep To Me.

“To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.”                                        -William Blake We've moved! For this essay and much more, come visit us at A Better Way.