Escriptor ex Machina: or, What Is Ghostwriting?



What Ghostwriting Is.

Everyone seems to have a notion of what Ghostwriting is—or at least what it does.  But the question I get asked at parties, coffee shops, or even in libraries as I scour through research for a client’s project is, “So, what exactly does a ghostwriter do?”

“How does ghostwriting work?” is a close second.  Most understand what the result is and have a general idea of how a ghostwriter spends their time (either pretending to be invisible or just writing alone), yet the reality differs from the conception, and the signature process of Your Book, Your Voice is different still compared to older methods.  So, to set these queries to rest, this is for you.  For more information feel free to reach out.

The best ghostwriters, like the best editors, are invisible—entirely.  In this way the image of a ghost writing is quite fitting: imagine having thoughts you would want recorded and then watching your computer keys depress and words scroll across the page like a modern manifestation of a player piano. And there you have it–a ghost writing!  Though this speaks to the effect rather than the process. 

Ghostwriting is a particular skill propelled by curiosity and informed by the current movements in literature and contemporary thought.  A good ghostwriter will ask the right questions, get you to tell your best stories, and capture your voice on the page—all without you spending the time writing.

Your Voice, Your Book Aligns an Old Skill with the Modern Mind.

Ghostwriting of yore consisted of a writer spending weeks or months shadowing the author in question and conducting extensive interviews where shorthand notes were taken to be converted later into the written work.  Beset with problems, this resulted in many authors feeling dissatisfied with the work or unfulfilled that their story was well told.  After all, most people speak in fragments and run-ons with long asides to fill in important details.  An accurate detailing of this does little to explain the transformative ideas or information. 

Asking the right questions is key to finding the clarity your book deserves. Your Voice, Your Book uses our proprietary Fusion Ghostwriting which ensures the momentum of the book remains as engaging as the topic.  Differing from many of the ghostwriting services out there which can be little more than a transcriptionist with a editor attached, Fusion Ghostwriting takes the information provided by you, the author, and writes it into a format which will best express your hard-won wisdom and meaningful stories.

Fusion Ghostwriting Reframes Writing Without Changing Content.

More than likely you are familiar with TED and TEDx talks which often go viral across the web.  Each is designed to present innovative ideas in a format which is educational and engaging.  They do so by generally following a specific structure.  TED recommends their talks are around 18 minutes, which just so happens to be about the length of a chapter.  Most often TED talks open with a story which introduces the issue and highlights why their innovation is important.  Then, without resolving the particular story, the speaker explains the concept, often detailing its origin and impact.  In conclusion, the speaker resolves the tensions of the initial story now with the audience aware of the critical information which led to the solution.  This system is a captivating method to detail information, and many of the best-selling, non-fiction books follow this or vary only slightly.

Fusion ghostwriting frames your stories and ideas into cohesive arcs while maintaining your particular voice. With non-fiction books this structure is repeated as the development of ideas accretes.  Each chapter is able to build upon the knowledge of the last while the individual stories and examples keep the reader enthralled.  In a memoir the structure can alter, mostly according to the development of narrative. A similar plot arc is effective there as well, though the tempo can encapsulate multiple chapters before specifics are resolved.  This structure not only highlights the information and makes it accessible and interesting to the reader, it also allows you to tell your best stories in your voice.

Fusion Ghostwriting Captures Your Voice as You Tell Your Stories.

Instead of asking questions and recording on the spot like many styles of interview, Fusion Ghostwriting allows you to develop complete and entertaining answers. Our process is easy and many find it quite enjoyable. Together we will formulate an outline which breaks the scope of your book into small, easily manageable pieces.  Each chapter will be clearly specified and seen as its own whole. This parsing is much easier to conceive of than trying to find enough material for an entire book.

As most everyone’s phone has a voice recorder, we are able to capture your best information whenever it comes to mind and whenever you find a few minutes free. Many clients like to record while on their commute or after a long day when the questions have had a chance to find the most complete explanation. We then use your tone, your vocabulary, and your grammatical structure to compose each chapter. 

Filling this structure of chapters with content also exposes where the information needs more detail or clarification.  While most of the author’s work is done at this point, Fusion Ghostwriting will ask specific questions to round out the chapters and make the book a cohesive whole. It is important that not only your voice is consistent and true, but that the information is sufficient and complete.

Write Your Book in Two Hours a Week with Zero Typing!

Recording your stories is easier than writing them down and having a editor rework them because, writing, even if not for publication, faces many of the same difficulties that Fusion Ghostwriting was developed to overcome.  You tell stories rather than sit and type them. And no one gets talking block.! That is not a thing. Someone with a compelling tale can always find fifteen minutes here or there to explain a concept or relate a story.  Most clients find it quite enjoyable and find they easily have enough material to write another book—which is always an option.

This whole process takes six months with only a couple hours a week of telling stories and reminiscing from the author—most of which is completed by the end of month two.  Then the drafts roll in, the edits are received, and Viola! a book is born.  Your Book in Your Voice.  It is as easy as that.

I know you have a story.  Tell me, what could your story published do for the world? for your family? for you? I’m here, listening. Email with any questions or comments, or visit me here.  And join our Facebook Group for inspiration, tips, and a community of writing peers.




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